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Заповедное место Гора « Иремель »
"Muradymovskoe gorge", nature park
"Muradymovskoe gorge", nature park
"Muradymovskoe gorge", nature park

Phone: 8(34789)2-17-73

On the territory there are 46 caves with various morphology, sediments, hydrology, climate and wildlife. History of cave exploration Muradymovskoe karst-speleogical plot has more than a century period. Between there most large-scale studies and large open caves occur in the last 25-30 years. Currently, it is difficult to calculate all cavers and other professionals who have contributed to the discovery and study of caves. Despite a long search speleological activities in Muradymovsky the plot, it is fraught with many unknown caves.
The most famous caves Nature Park "Muradymovskoe gorge":
Cave Golubinnaya (Golubinnaya Grotto, Muradymovskaya 1st). This is the most famous and most visited cave Park. The cave entrance is clearly visible from the river. Its width is 18 m, height 3 m These parameters are stored into the cave on 20 meters with floor area of 180 m2. In the grotto there are nests of rock dove and deposits of guano, which have determined the name of the cave. Here you can see the archaeological pit O. N. Bader, in which he found flint artefacts of ancient people of the Mesolithic. At the end of the grotto low LAZ, length 2 m leads to the grotto of length 14, width 5 and height 2 m, the floor of which is covered with clay and rocks. On the ceiling here you can see the traces of cleaved stalactites. In the Northern direction from the grotto takes rising a corridor of 24 m in length with a cover of calcite on the floor. The walls and ceiling of the cave almost throughout it sustainable.

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