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Заповедное место Гора « Иремель »
"Asly-Kul", nature park
"Asly-Kul", nature park
"Asly-Kul", nature park

Legal address: 453400, Davlekanovo, Sadovaya, 21A
Actual address: Buzdyakski district, Buzdyak village, Vokzalnaya, 18
Phone: 8(34773)3-36-86
Fax: 8(34773)3-37-76
Nature Park "Asly-Kul" lake is under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Bashkortostan and is located on lands Davlekanovsk, Alsheevsky, Belebey and Buzdyak areas.The total area of land within the boundaries of the Nature Park is 47500 GA. The territory and water area of the Park includes natural complexes and objects of special ecological, environmental, scientific and aesthetic value. The Park has a rich flora and fauna. There are multiple plants and animals listed in the Red book of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

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